Arizona Puncher
Stock 9
Len Judd Classic
Stock 13
Stock 14
Wilson 12" Front
Brass D Riggin
Round Skirts
3 1/2" Cantle, Cheyenne Roll
Overlaid Stirrup Leathers
S.W. Dally Horn
Corner Basket Stamp
Bulldog Tapaderos
Rawhide Bindings

13" Bowman Front
Mother Hubbard Round Skirt
7/8 In-skirt Double Rig
Rawhide Braided-
Cantle, Horn,Gullet
#4 Horn
3 1/2" Cantle- Cheyenne Roll
Border Stamping
w/ complimentary carving
4" Monel Dell Stirrups

13" S.F. Bowman Front
2 1/2" Regular Horn
3 1/4" Cantle
7/8 Reiner
In-skirt Riggin
Smoothout Padded Seat
Border Stamping
Forward Seat
Monte Foreman Style Riggin
Will James Front
4" Cantle
Foreward Hung Stirrups
Round Mother Hubbard
Border Stamping

13" Bowman Front
Inlaid padded Seat
7/8 Reiner Plate In-skirt
Border Aztek with Feathers
4" Cantle
Reg. Horn
3" Cap
Weatherly Front
#4 Horn
Border Stamping with
Basket Stamp Fill
Rawhide Bindings
7/8 In-skirt Riggin
Slick Seat
"Reiner Plate Riggin" allows fenders to swing free with no contact on latigo.